What is Arizona's 20-20 Challenge?  Arizona has a diverse landscape. In addition to deeply incised canyons, for which Arizona is famous, we also have snowy summits above tree line. The statewide distribution of the hikes in Arizona's 20-20 Challenge allows you to experience the physiographic, biotic, geologic, and climatic diversity of Arizona. If you complete all forty hikes, you've taken the Challenge!

Hike Selection Criteria:  Here's how we selected the forty most challenging hikes in the state for Arizona's 20-20 Challenge:  All canyons and summits in the state are identified by processing digital elevation models (digital topographic maps) in a geographic information system. From this list, we drop all canyons and summits that do not have trails, are located in environmentally protected land, or in some cases, are on private land. Next, the peak and canyon hikes must pass our challenging set of geomorphic, geometric, proximity, altitude, and/or trail length criteria. The remainder is forty truly challenging hikes!  A detailed look at the criteria used for feature selection is available here for peaks and here for canyons.

How challenging are the hikes?  Arizona's 20-20 Challenge hikes are challenging for different reasons. Some hikes are steep (Humphreys Peak), some are long (Paria Canyon), and some are in extremely remote areas (Jumpup Canyon). See the "20 Highest Peaks" and "20 Deepest Canyons" pages for hike elevation change and trail distance information.

Here's what you'll find in this Website:

How do I keep track of my hikes? Use the ePeakRegister at: http://www.epeakregister.com/

Help Us!  This is version 2.0 of Arizona's 20-20 Challenge.  How can we make this site better?  Do you see incorrect or misleading information?  Do you know of a better hike (using our selection criteria)?  Are trails digitized accurately?  Do you have any comments, suggestions, or questions?  If so, please contact one of the project organizers.

Who has done all the work? Here's a look at the people involved in the AZ 20-20 project - from the organizers to those who "field tested" the hikes.