Gene Abrams

Department of Mathematics
University of Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Email: abrams 'at'

Office: Room 288 EAS Building

Office Phone: (719) 255-3182
Fax: (719) 255-3605

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Colorado Springs Algebra Seminar, a.k.a. Rings and Wings

Background and Professional Information

Research interests:

I am an algebraist, with interest in noncommutative rings and their categories of modules. Since 2005 my primary focus has been on a class of rings called "Leavitt path algebras".



Recent Journal Publications:

An interesting / mysterious number-theoretic construction

Recent Seminars / Colloquia:

(all talks 50 - 60 mins unless otherwise indicated)
Additional talks since 2008 include the following: AMS Sections Conference at University of Hawaii, March 2012; Math Institute at Oberwolfach (Germany), April 2012; Ohio University, May 2012; Ohio State University, May 2012; University of Southern California, November 2012; University of South Alabama, November 2011; Baylor University, October 2011; Universidad de Malaga (Spain), September 2011; University of Nebraska - Lincoln, April 2011; University of Iowa, April 2011; University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, April 2011; University of California San Diego, March 2011; University of Washington, August 2010; Universidad de Granada (Spain), July 2010; Universidad de Malaga (Spain), July 2010; George Mason University, April 2010; University of Oregon, April 2009; DePaul University, October 2008; University of California at Berkeley, June 2008; University of California at Santa Barbara, March 2008; University of Houston, February 2008

Recent Professional Activities:

Activities related to Mad Veterinarian Puzzles:


Seminars / colloquia:

Hands-on activities (to various teacher groups and student groups):

Sky Sox Math Youth Days

Hobbies and Recreational Pursuits

UCCS Department of Mathematics
University of Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

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