PES 1120:  General Physics  II   

UCCS    Summer   2011


Assignments Summer  2011

Test 3  Multiple Choice Section

Test 3 Problems Section

Review Test 1 / Review Test 2 / / Review Test 4

EM Physlet Animations

Electro Magnetic Spectrum

Maxwell's Equations

Volume 2   Part IV  Electricity & Magnetism

Chapter 21:  Electric Charge

I     Monday, June 13th

Electric Charge

Conductors & Insulators

Coulomb' Law

Charge is Quantized

Charge Is Conserved

Chapter 22:  Electric Fields

II     Wednesday, June 15th

The Electric Field

Electric Field Lines

The Electric Field Due to a Point Charge

The Electric Field Due to an Electric Dipole

 III      Monday, June 20 

The Electric Filed Due to a Line of Charge

The Electric Field Due to a Charge Disk

A Point Charge in an Electric Field

A Dipole in an Electric Field

Chapter 23:  Gauss' Law

IV      Wednesday, June 22


Flux of an Electric Field

Gauss' Law

Gauss Law & Coulomb's Law

A Charged Isolated Conductor

Isolated Conductor with a Cavity

The Conductor Removed

The External Electric Field

Applying Gauss' Law:  Cylindrical Symmetry

Applying Gauss' Law Planar Symmetry

Nonconducting Sheet

Two Conducting Plates

Applying Gauss' Law: Spherical Symmetry

V     Monday, June 27

Test 1  (chapters: 21, 22, & 23)

Chapter 24:  Electric Potential
Electric Potential Energy

Electric Potential

Equipotential Surfaces

Calculating the Potential from the Field

Potential Due to a Point Charge

VI      Wednesday, June 29

Potential Due to a Group of Point Charges

Potential Due to an Electric Dipole

Potential Due to a Continuous Charge Distribution

Calculating the Field from the Potential

Electric Potential Energy of a System of Point Charges

Monday, July 04th, 2011

4th of July Celebration  (no classes)

Chapter 25:   Capacitance

VII      Wednesday, July 06


Chapter 26:   Current & Resistance

VIII        Monday, July 11

IX      Wednesday, July 13

Test 2  (chapters: 24, 25, & 26)

X      Monday, July 18


XI       Wednesday, July 20

Chapter 27:  Circuits

XII      Monday. July 25


Chapter 28:  Magnetic Fields

XIII      Wednesday, July 27


Chapter 29:  Magnetic Fields Due to Currents


Chapter 30:  Induction & Inductance

XIV     Monday,  August 01

Chapter 31:  Electromagnetic Oscillations & Alternating Current

Chapter 32:  Maxwell's Equations; Magnetism of Matter

XV     Monday,  August 03

Test 4:  (Chapters:   29, 30, 31, 32)


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