Students exploring N. Clear Creek Falls, San Juan Mountains, Colo.




Brandon J. Vogt, PhD

Brandon spent his formative years playing in creeks in the northern suburbs of Columbus, Ohio, and high school years in the more urban areas of Rosslyn, Virginia and Washington, DC. In 1992, after earning his BS from the Univ. of Missouri, he rushed to Colorado. A deep curiosity of the physical landscape of the Southern Rockies and the Colorado Plateau led to the next steps - a Master's and a PhD, both from Arizona State Univ. and both in geographical sciences. Brandon joined UCCS as Asst. Prof. in 2009. Within physical geography, Dr. Vogt's research focuses on understanding the ways in which landsurface texture interacts with earth surface and atmospheric processes. Mountain weather and microclimate drive his passion in this area. His current (2022) research seeks to unravel some of the nuances of cloud-to-ground lightning's interaction with topography, and he continues to work with undergraduate and graduate students to maintain a long-term survey of rock glacier flow rate in the San Juan Mountains.
Dr. Vogt teaches courses in physical geography, geomorphology, meteorology, microclimate, a capstone snow and ice course in Silverton, Colorado, and co-teaches a course that explores how sound informs landscape. He emphasizes experiential learning and other high-impact educational practices and is especially proud of the ways in which he extends art into science.
Brandon enjoys coffee, rock 'n roll, mountains, mountain weather, thunderstorms, severe weather, storm chasing, snow, sandstone, granite, photography, hiking, biking, traveling, web design, and just about anything 970, 720, 719, 703, 573, 303, and 202.

We live in a beautiful place

July 4, 2011, Rocky Mountain National Park

note: this is a lot of snow for early July

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