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Teaching Statement

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In the classroom I provide a mix of lectures, labs, group work, guest speakers, use a group testing format, and require students to present material in various contexts. I recognize the benefits of high-impact educational practices, and maintain a focus on inquiry-based collaborative activities, undergraduate research, and experiential learning. I provide on-and-off campus fieldwork opportunities and incorporate various audio and visual technologies. I provide course websites, create my own web-based labs, and make available to all UCCS students a set of tutorials to help them learn geospatial technologies. I make explicit the ties between theory and application, and try whenever possible to link topics to real-world examples, and connect student projects with real-world projects. I routinely integrate my own research interests, research methods, and data collection protocols into my courses. Each year I lead field trips to outdoor and indoor locations. At the indoor locations, I connect students with professionals and request these individuals to 1) make explicit to students the geospatial, interdisciplinary, and/or communications skills they look for in job applicants, and 2) discuss the internship and/or career opportunities available within their organization. This rich variety of teaching approaches keeps student's attention, provides a range of opportunities for students to connect with course content, and emphasizes career opportunities.

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