Lichen, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colo.



Masters Students

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Devin Rousch (in progress) Hail's Contribution to Overall Precipitation
Kelley Matthews (in progress) Flood Plain Mapping
Kevin Pflug (in progress) The Geography of Treeline on the Pikes Peak Massif
Frank Chimento (in progress) Lichenometric and Cosmogenic Nuclide Methods for Surface Exposure Dating of a Rock Glacier
Thaddeus Swan (2019) Examination of the Owens Cache, Southeastern Colorado
Michael Madsen (2017) On Landsurface Change Detection Using Lidar Datasets of Different Spatial Resolutions: A Case Study Examining Colorado's Waldo Canyon Fire Burn Scar
Kari M. Pittman (2013) Between Rock Art and Graffiti: Identifying Cultural Change and Ethnic Interactions in the Borderlands of Southeastern Colorado using a Customized Geospatial Typology
Geoffrey Muhlestein (2012) An Evaluation of a GIS-Based Procedure for Estimating Probable Maximum Precipitation over the Piru Creek Basin, California
Ryan Hollamby (2011) The Massenerhebung Effect: Exploring Treeline Elevation Differences between the Pikes Peak Massif and the Elk Mountain Range, Colorado

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